The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Parts 3 & 4

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Part 3. A SENSE OF WONDER. Campbell explores the richness of the mythologies of so-called "primitive" societies, the relevance of ritual, and the need to create a mythology reflecting the unity of all humanity. Part 4. MYTHIC HORIZONS. The "essential drift" of mythology is that behind our apparent separateness is a fundamental unity among people.


The late Joseph Campbell is a marvel to listen to as he brings us in touch with our mythic heritage. More than any other single individual, he has brought mythology into the American mainstream, significantly affecting our perceptions of the world around us and our shared human experience. He was featured in the six-part PBS series, "Power of Myth" hosted by Bill Moyers. He is the author of many volumes on mythology including: Michael Toms also wrote a book about his conversations with Joseph Campbell:

Host: Michael Toms                    Program Number: S731