The Well Of Creativity with Meinrad Craighead

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How can a radio interview with a visual artist convey the depth and richness of the images in her paintings? Listen and hear for yourself! From the mystical liturgical experiences of her Catholic youth to the creation of sacred space and ritual in her contemplative artist's life in the New Mexico desert, Meinrad Craighead describes the images that enrich her creative center, and how she has integrated them into her art and into the realization that "We need to experience in solitude all of the different ways that the Earth can touch us and heal us." (hosted by Joan Mauler)


Meinrad Craighead is the author of a book of paintings and text:

  • Litany of the Great River (Paulist Press 1991)

Host: Joan Mauler             Interview Date: 6/14/1991              Program Number: 2262