The Transformative Power Of Bliss with Sean Meshorer

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The Declaration of Independence states that all humans have a right to pursue happiness. But is happiness the ultimate achievement? Is there something beyond happiness that is more enduring and less subject to outside influences? Sean Meshorer says, “Bliss is that abiding feeling deep within ourselves whose hallmarks are things like inner peace, contentment, unconditional love, and joy. It is something that is entirely inside ourselves. Whereas happiness is more of an external phenomenon and is often fleeting… Bliss requires no mediation whatsoever. It’s direct, personal, and it’s always with us.” Bliss doesn’t depend on having a good relationship or having the opportunity to serve humanity. It doesn’t depend on being wealthy, famous, or good looking. It doesn’t depend on lots of sensory experiences. Meshorer suggests that we can be locked inside a black box with no ability to interact with the world around us, and still have access to bliss. He gives us many suggestions as to how to achieve the state of bliss. (hosted by T. Glen Sebera)


Sean Meshorer is a spiritual teacher and New Thought minister based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies and spent fifteen years meditating, studying, practicing, and living in an ashram and spiritual community in Northern California. He and his wife, Brook Cassady, offer spiritual counseling and rites of passage ceremonies including weddings, funerals, astral ascension ceremonies and more. He has created an interactive, on-line community

He’s the author of:

  • The Bliss Experiment: 28 Days To Personal Transformation (Atria Books 2012).

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the difference between happiness and bliss
  • What is the happiness scale
  • Why therapy is not enough to deepen our spiritual expression
  • Why we need to be careful of our environment which includes sounds and people
  • How can we separate pain from suffering
  • How challenges and disappointments can be gifts
  • What is grounded optimism
  • How meditation creates more time in your day

Host: T. Glen Sebera     Interview Date: 5/3/2012     Program Number: 3436