The Transformative Path of Divine Love with Will Keepin, Ph.D.

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Keepin states that the essence of God resides in the heart; this supreme reality is deeply personal. His work as both a scientist and a seeker of spiritual wisdom reveals that we are witnessing the birth of a vast, unified worldview that unites and cross-fertilizes East and West, modern and indigenous, human and nonhuman, contemporary and ancient – leading us toward a deep collective realization of a seamless oneness of existence as revealed in a universal path of Divine Love. His studies have led him to realize that this universal path of Divine Love, has the “power to take us right through our ego and become one with the supreme being. This inmost source of that love is none other than the transcendent essence of God that dwells in the heart.” His research shows that this universal path of love holds true in all religions and that they intersect at the deepest level of spiritual wisdom. This far-ranging conversation also includes a scientific view of consciousness and more. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Will Keepin, Ph.D. is a mathematical physicist, environmental scientist, and has been a practitioner on the contemplative path of divine love for over 35 years. He cofounded the Satyana Institute, as well as the Gender Reconciliation International project with his wife, Rev. Cynthia Brix. The Satyana Institute is a nonprofit service and training organization based near Seattle Washington. Together with his wife, Rev. Brix, he conducts trainings, retreats, and workshops nationally and internationally, encouraging individuals, communities and organizations to combine their inner work of the heart with outer service in the world.

Will Keepin is the co-author with his wife, Rev. Cynthia Brix of:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Keepin’s seminal story of how his life expanded from pure science to include spiritualty
  • What the world’s major religions have in common
  • What is the hadith in Islam
  • How the power of love is the inmost essence of the theistic traditions
  • What does surrender mean in terms spiritual practice
  • How science supports the idea of consciousness
  • What is the contribution that physicist David Bohm made to bridging materialistic science and spirituality
  • What are fractals and how do they relate to consciousness
  • How the structure of the super cluster of galaxies, Laniakea, is shaped like a human heart
  • What does the term God mean for Keepin and what are other names for this supreme source of ultimate reality
  • How can a supreme reality be personal

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 10/29/2016       Program Number: 3599

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