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By mistake or fate, on Michael Meade's thirteenth birthday, his aunt, thinking she was giving him a book on history, gave him a book on mythology. He was living in a broken neighborhood, where people lived in fear. That very night he pored over this book and says, "That night, through myth and that kind of language, I realized that right near the fear is the hidden beauty. And a person has to figure out how to face the fear, in order to find the beauty. For me, myth absolutely did that." Is our life accidental or is it purposeful? If it is purposeful, then there is fate involved. Meade says, "But inside fate is the forgotten hidden destiny that is the natural inheritance of each person born." He gives us hints as to how we may recall our soul's original agreement, and how all learning is actually remembering. Our whole life is trying to remember the agreement that our soul made before we were born. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller, author, scholar of mythology, and student of ritual in traditional cultures. He has scoured the world to bring to us meaningful folk tales that tap into ancestral sources of wisdom and acts as a guide to connect them to the stories we are living today. Meade is the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation. 

He distributes regular podcasts and his many books include:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is Fate and how is it tied to our potential destiny
  • How do we find our own story that has been seeded in the soul
  • How we can meet death in the middle of life and not just at the end
  • What are the two agreements of the soul
  • What is the question waiting for you at the end of your life
  • How we are living in a time of a great forgetting
  • What are the three words that live in the soul
  • What is the difference between Hades and Hell
  • How we got the word glamour from the Irish glam
  • How a twist of fate helps us pick up the thread of our life
  • How mythology can alter our view of life entirely
  • How hidden beauty rests next to fear

Host: Michael Toms   Interview Date: 8/16/2010   Program Number: 3373

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