The Power And Promise Of Young Women with K. Wind Hughes & Linda Wolf

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Discover why twenty young women who came together to share stories for ten weeks ended up meeting for two years, and listen to the wisdom of these girls who had the courage to speak their truth, and the elders who heard them. Women today in many cultures have more freedom than ever to be anything they want to be. Yet these changing roles present young women with unique challenges in making their transition into womanhood, since many of the social support systems we once took for granted have disintegrated. K. Wind Hughes and Linda Wolf have devoted much of their life work to helping young women find their way and they share that knowledge with you. Hughes comments, "So much of our intimacy has become professionalized. Even the fact that mentoring exists is sad-it evolved from a need to solve the social problem of generations and families that have become separate." (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Linda Wolf is a distinguished photographer, writer, and artist.

K. Wind Hughes a marriage and family therapist with an extensive background working with adolescents.

The two have co-founded "The Daughters/Sisters Project" and co-authored:

  • Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun (New Society Publishers 1997)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The importance of allowing young people to speak without judging them
  • How simply being who you really are can affect history
  • The real truth about the problems young women face today
  • How to address your fear of "teenage darkness"
  • The role of ceremony and ritual in focus groups
  • The challenge of taking your voice out into the world without losing it
  • How support groups foster independence and healthy relationships-for life
  • How to start a focus group in your area
Host: Justine Willis Toms      Interview Date: 11/19/1998       Program Number: 2749