The Path of Vippassana: Inner Peace For Inner Wisdom with Sri S.N. Goenka

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There is a way out of suffering, according to the Buddha. World-renowned Vippassana meditation teacher, S.N. Goenka tells us that the escape from suffering and the key to liberation is to understand our own reality. Through the simple (simple to describe and simple in concept but requires diligence and can be difficult when strong emotions arise) technique of Vippassana meditation, one can attain true peace of mind and a contented life. Goenka, a retired industrialist, shares the story of how his severe migraine headaches led him on a search to find a cure 30 years ago. What he found was a discipline that went far beyond alleviation of physical pain. It transformed his life, and he has been teaching Vippassana ever since. Goenka explains how and why the 2500 year-old meditation technique is effective, and how it is achieving extraordinary results in prisons both in India and the U.S. "In a few courses' time, we find a big change. Even in the first course, change starts. There is a result here and now, so the government of India has given instructions - Vippassana must be taught in prisons." (hosted by Jeff Wessman)


S.N. Goenka (1924-2013) is a retired industrialist, and a former leader of the Indian community in Burma. He has been a world renowned teacher of Vipasanna meditation since 1969.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How you can free yourself from the habit patterns that destroy peace and harmony
  • Why Buddha was a "super scientist"
  • How to work at the root of the mind
  • Why nothing can arise in the mind without a sensation in the body
  • What the meaning of Dhamma (Dharma) is
Host: Jeff Wessman      Interview Date: 6/11/2002       Program Number: 2948