The Medicine Way of Life with Hyemeyohsts Storm and Swan Storm

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It was a long journey for a young man of mixed blood who grew up in poverty on Crow and Cheyenne reservations in Montana. This is Hyemeyosts Storm's very personal story of overcoming drunken violence, spiritual ignorance and lack of self-respect. He describes the difficult but life-changing lessons he learned from his spiritual teachers about how to relate to self and the world, and asks us to discover first-hand for ourselves and our children what it means to be on Earth. "Let the children be in the garden," he says. "What matters is that they can touch life, they can begin to see cycles. Then, when you say to that child, 'You can cry here; you can be here,' they will understand, because ... you take them there to talk to themselves, to talk to life." Here he is accompanied by his wife and partner Swan, who reads his words and those of Estcheema, the woman who taught him the spiritual side of Native American wisdom. (hosted by Michael Toms)

Storm is the author of:

  • Seven Arrows (Ballantine 1972)
  • Lightningbolt (Ballantine 1994) 

Topics Explored in This Dialogue 

  • Finding a place that connects you to Earth and life
  • Living the sacred life
  • How to teach children a spiritual connection with nature
  • The life of a young man of mixed blood on a Montana reservation
  • The difficult but important lesson of being with a woman teacher
  • The surprising history and influence of Central American native peoples who moved north
  • Why American Indians need to tell their own experiences
  • Native American wisdom about the realities of life on Earth
  • Resurrecting "Victory Gardens" 

Host: Michael Toms     Interview Date: 6/23/1994       Program number: 2469