The Intersection Of Life And Art with Andrew Harvey

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Andrew Harvey is a whirlwind of inspiration. This deep dialogue plunges into a myriad of topics and musings. He speaks of his “soul brother” the 88-year-old pianist and teacher, Seymour Bernstein, who is a true wisdom elder. He shares his wisdom and experience of why it takes rigorous discipline to be an artist, why solitude matters, how to cultivate our personal passions, how “networks of grace” can save humanity, and more. He speaks eloquently on how to cultivate sacred friendships, “The world is going through a cataclysmic falling apart. In a time like this if you want to live happily and in joy and with purpose, you really need to find people who will sustain you and encourage you . . . You fall in friendship with the same intensity as when you fall in love. When you meet somebody who thrills you by their being, who elevates your soul, you have to have the guts to say ‘we mustn’t waste this meeting, let’s meet again.’ Keep up the connection. Don’t let it fall into desuetude, really go for it.” Listen and be inspired by Andrew Harvey’s infectious enthusiasm for life. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed poet, novelist, translator, mystical scholar, and spiritual teacher. He is the Founder/Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism.

Andrew Harvey author of many books including:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How can we find the sacred friendship of our soul friends
  • How we can be a “fundamentalist” and evangelical about our view of forgiveness
  • What is the importance of solitude
  • Why it is important to go to a museum, art exhibit, or concert by yourself
  • How do we cultivate our artistic passion
  • Why it takes rigorous discipline to be a true artist
  • Why a teacher must continue to create in the field they are teaching
  • Who was the mystic monk, Father Bede Griffiths
  • How the metaphor of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly is helpful in these challenging times
  • What are “Networks of Grace” and how can they lead us to opportunities to heal humanity

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 2/29/2016   Program Number: 3574

Music Playlist

From Album: Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar
Artist: Matthew Montfort
2008 Ancient-Future #AF 2008

Opening Essay: Track 05 Celtic Raga

Piano by Seymour Bernstein from You Tube:
Music Break 1: Seymour Bernstein: Brahms, Intermezzo, Op 118 No. 2
Music Break 2: Seymour Bernstein: Fur Elise
Music Break 3: Seymour Bernstein: Mozart’s first composition