The Gifts Of The Feminine with Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch

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Radmacher and Kalloch share with us some attributes of the feminine such as what it means to be an intrepid traveler and to see a place with fresh eyes, and the blessings of traveling light. They suggest we are all artists and can get in touch with our mystical side through art. If you feel you cannot get in touch with your inner artist then borrow a five year old child to be your teacher. Kalloch inspires us with her view of creativity. “Creativity is an integral part of our humanity…sometimes we wait for the right moment, wait for just the right set of tools, the right skill set or the right medium. I want to say: Don’t wait! Start right where you are. Right in this moment. Dive into the stories you want to tell, the experiences you are longing to share, the knowledge you have gained, the images that are an expression of your soul. Create because you can. Create because the act of creating will remind you of who you truly are. Create because it brings you joy, peace and vitality. Create because the rest of us need to hear your voice added to the chorus.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Liz Kalloch is a creator of artful constructions. She helps others present their work in the world through her graphic design, and offers beauty from her own original art in many different forms. She has been featured in the documentary film Indie Kindred on working as an independent artist. You’d recognize her work which includes iPhone covers, jewelry, pillow covers, book covers, greeting cards and more. Mary Anne Radmacher is a writer, artist, and featured inspirational speaker. She is the author of many books. Her artwork can be found on posters, cards and other products.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is meant by the term “Divine Feminine”
  • What are some attributes of the “Divine Feminine” such as intrepid traveler
  • How our skewed vision of ourselves can be shifted by the company we keep
  • How we can see ourselves more clearly through friendships with one another
  • What are the three keys to friendship
  • How our friends can push us into something brand new we would not have done on our own
  • How Lucille Ball made optimism a way of life
  • Why creativity is an integral part of our humanity and how we must express our unique gifts
  • How courage is a quiet voice speaking at the end of the day, encouraging us to try again tomorrow
  • How we need to use all of our senses to guide us,: smell, taste, hear, touch, not just our eyes

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 3/7/2014   Program Number: 3502

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From Album: Origins
Artist: Radhika Miller, David Darling, W.A. Mathieu
1989 Radhika Miller Music #RMM 1108

Opening Essay: Track 03 Net of Gems
Music Break 1: Track 03 Net of Gems (reprise)
Music Break 2: Track 01 Origins
Music Break 3: Track 02 Shepherd's Joy