The Direct Route To Awakening with John de Ruiter

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We have the capacity to go directly to truth and awakening, but we often get sidetracked by our delusions. As a teacher and philosopher John de Ruiter says, "We have the capacity to use our faculties to convince ourselves of something being true, because we need for that to be true. So, there's a hanging on within the heart supported by an intellectual framework that enables that to happen. But, beyond all of that, we know something quieter, and it is that we don't actually need what we say we need. But to agree with something we know on a level like that, requires a letting go of that which we're tightly hanging on to, and convincing ourselves that we can't live without." John speaks of the direct path to awakening, which is profoundly simple, but not easy for most of us. He practices and recommends inner quiet and integrity on all profound and surface levels of life. (hosted in Edmonton, Canada by Justine Willis Toms)


John de Ruiter is a philosopher-teacher who conducts meetings and seminars at the College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He also teaches worldwide and has many CDs and DVDs.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the profound inner knowledge that resides in our core
  • Why it is not necessary to be a seeker
  • Why we should not be attached to any method of practice
  • How can we be truly honest with ourselves when we are in a deluded state
  • Do we need a teacher to awaken
  • How babies and young children are living in their most fundamental state
  • What is the format of the meetings conducted by de Ruiter, and what is the transmission taking place

Host: Justine Willis Toms       Interview Date: 10/9/2010       Program Number: 3385

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Opening Essay: Track 02 Life Breath
Music Break 1: Track 04 Building Chi
Music Break 2: Track 12 Oneness
Music Break 3: Track 02 Life Breath (reprise)