The Cosmic Feminine: Finding The Divine Mother Within with Chalanda Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi

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Shakti, Sophia, Guadalupe, Tara, Danu, Kali, Sekhmet - the Cosmic Mother with her infinite names and myriad faces, has been worshipped in every culture for thousands of years. She has survived patriarchal dominance of the Earth and is present today in many forms and many guises. Chalanda Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi, a renowned and beloved saint of India, tells us that when we accept the power and grace of the Divine Mother we are transformed, and our transformation will then extend to the entire planet. According to Chalanda Ma, we are here to experience the love of the Mother and to carry her tenderness within us. For Americans, Chalanda Ma says, "We cannot merge with God with our minds. Only through unlearning can we understand with the heart. That means compassion. This country started things with the mind. Let us now bring grace into that mind. For me, USA means Ultimate Self Awareness." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Chalanda Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi is the founder of Humanity in Unity, a non-profit, charitable foundation, which supports humanitarian projects around the world, serving all races.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Ways to recognize your divine feminine within
  • How you can let go and love
  • How you can receive the grace and power of the Divine
  • How you can overcome distractions and find fulfillment
  • How to perceive existence in a way that fosters compassion and tolerance
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 4/25/2002       Program Number: 2937