The Celestine Prophecy On The Silver Screen with James Redfield & Salle Redfield

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Get an inside look at the making of The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie with the writers, producers, and visionaries themselves. James and Salle Redfield describe how bringing the phenomenal bestseller to the big screen was like living the lessons of the prophecies themselves. You'll hear about the struggle to stay true to the spirit of the book, and the synchronistic events that ultimately made it all possible - how the perfect location suddenly became available, how a bizarre turn of events enabled them to hire the actor they thought they couldn't afford, and more. Just as the book helped bring spirituality into the mainstream consciousness in the early 1990's, its creators explain why the core messages are every bit as important today. As James Redfield explains, "If we can get back in touch with the mystery-the mystery of who's going to call us first thing in the morning; what intuition is going to come about an old friend we haven't talked to in years; and what happens if we actually contact the person - this is the real juice of life. That's the flow waiting for us if we step into it. It's something that I believe we're challenged to do at this moment in history, given the state of the world." (hosted by Michael Toms)


James Redfield is a writer and producer of The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie; Salle Merrill Redfield is the executive producer.

James' book credits include:

  • The Celestine Prophecy (Warner Books 1994)
  • The Secrets of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight (Warner 1999)

Salle Merrill Redfield is the executive producer of The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie and has created several audio programs. 

She is the author of:

  • The Joy of Meditating: A Beginner's Guide to the Art of Meditation (Warner 1995)
  • Creating a Life of Joy: A Meditative Guide (Warner 1999)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How you can pick up and follow the threads introduced by the synchronicities in your life
  • How you can stay ahead of life's difficult changes before they become disasters
  • Why movies play such a powerful role in molding our psyches and our society
  • How coincidences and synchronicities can help you know when you're on the right track-and when you're not
  • How the conflict in the world today is part of our spiritual evolution
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 10/17/2005      Program Number: 3119