Storytelling For The Soul with Gioia Timpanelli

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What would you do if you were invited to listen to one of the best storytellers in the world today? Come listen then, to the magical voice of Gioia Timpanelli, often called the "dean of American storytelling": "Human beings are just storytelling creatures. We tell stories no matter what. We need them the way we need food and drink. We tell our lives in stories." With the hunger for stories comes the necessity to listen, slowing down enough to let the words sink beneath your skin. Through the spoken word, we can see ourselves reflected in the mirror of the tale. When a story is heard in this way, it is remembered for a lifetime, the many layers of meaning surfacing as we mature. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Gioia Timpanelli, who has won two Emmy Awards for her work in storytelling on educational television, is a recipient of the Women's National Book Association Award.

She is the author of:

  • Sometimes the Soul: Two Novellas of Sicily (Norton 1998)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The power of the story in our lives
  • How to re-awaken your wildness
  • How storytelling builds community
  • The revival of the lost art of storytelling in the modern world
  • Taking the time to know in order to love
  • How Timpanelli became a storyteller
  • The difference between reading for information and reading for soul content
  • A deeper look at what we term "beautiful" and "ugly"
Host: Michael Toms & Justine Willis Toms       Interview Date: 11/9/1998       Program Number: 2747