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Imagine having all of your possessions go up in smoke. Kristen Moeller describes herself as a former “self help junkie” but when her home and all of her belongings burned in a raging wildfire she realized that she had only dipped her toes into the waters of living the life she longed to be living. After the fire, she was inspired to quit waiting for things to be “perfect” before acting on her passions. In this dialogue we explore the many reasons we wait for our life to begin, such as waiting for enough money, waiting for the right time, waiting to be smart enough, or to have the right relationship. But most of all Moeller says, “We’re really waiting to feel a sense of certainty, waiting to be perfect and have it all figured out in order to, then, be able to take action.” She shares some helpful hints such as to how to keep our commitments to ourselves and speaks about life as a journey rather than a place of arrival. If we are waiting to be “fully cooked” we’ll never do those amazing, fun, and creative projects we’re longing to do. Instead of working on non-attachment she advises us to not be so rigid, let things flow, and not judge ourselves so harshly. Her prescription is to practice radical self-acceptance. Also explored in this conversation is the happiness pill that dogs can be in our lives and how failure can bring about surprising and beneficial results. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Kristen Moeller is a coach, speaker, workshop leader, author, and radio show host.

She is the author of:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How a wildfire completely destroyed her home and changed her life
  • How Moeller learned it is much easier to give than receive
  • What Moeller grabbed as the fire engulfed her property
  • What holds us back from fully engaging in our lives
  • What does it take to keep our commitments to ourselves
  • How she found herself on the merry-go-round of addictions
  • How self-acceptance supports letting ourselves and others fall out of rigid rankings
  • How grief and mourning do not have predictable timetables
  • Why dogs are such a delight in our lives - they can be a happiness pill

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 5/3/2014   Program Number: 3506

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