Saving The Sacred African White Lions with Linda Tucker

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Linda Tucker, an ecological activist, grew up in South Africa during Apartheid and attended the Universities of Cape Town in South Africa and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. In 2002, she founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust, an organization that works not only to protect the white lions, but also the indigenous communities and knowledge of the Tsonga and Sepedi cultures, which celebrate the white lion as a sacred living heritage. She’s a guest speaker at international conservation congresses, and her work has been featured in documentaries produced by National Geographic and Animal Planet. She, along with her partner, lion ecologist Jason A. Turner, live in a protected area neighboring South Africa’s Timbavati reserve where the white lion prides have been reintroduced into the wild.

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Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 7/7/2013   Program Number: C0269

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Protecting The Sacred White Lions with Linda Tucker