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Sky Nelson-Isaacs has been exploring the scientific fact that our potential to grow is boundless, limited only by our own courage and our own imagination. He writes: “Playing the game is not about figuring things out once and for all. It’s about getting onto a path of maximum growth, maximum satisfaction, and maximum connectedness. It’s about healing ourselves from the filters that hold us back so that we can live our lives fully.” He goes on to point out that we “don’t usually experience the world as it really is. Our experience of life is filtered through the lens of our emotions, and we are blind to what we can’t see.“ He also shares the good news that the cosmos is responsive and synchronicity occurs to help us come into our wholeness. Here we explore some of the filters that hold us back from being our whole, vibrant, creative selves and some tools to help us achieve it. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Sky Nelson-Isaacs is a physicist, musician, teacher, parent, and activist. He has many years of experience as a physics and math instructor and has also worked in the software industry. His current work involves research in the field of quantum foundations and he has published a growing body of peer-reviewed work developing the foundation of a theory of synchronicity. He has also earned recognition as a singer, songwriter, and performer.

 Sky Nelson-Isaacs’ books include: 

  • Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World (North Atlantic Books 2019)
  • Leap To Wholeness: How The World is Programmed to Help Us Grow, Heal, and Adapt (North Atlantic Books 2021) 

To learn more about the work of Sky Nelson-Isaacs go to www.skynelson.com. 

Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • How the Big Bang Theory truly means how everything comes from something rather than nothing
  • How, rather than choosing from lack, we can choose from the abundance of the universe
  • How in a metaphor quantum mechanics wave function includes a totality and particle function is the particular or specific
  • What is the metaphor of branches of a tree that illustrates the preferences and biases that we use to choose to pursue
  • How we carry psychological wounds in our bodies that give rise to automatic responses
  • What is the ARGH process: accept, recognize the pattern, growth (valuing growth over accomplishment, heal
  • Why is it important to pay greater attention to the context of a situation than the content
  • Why is the ability to be vulnerable essential to effective healing
  • How perfectionism keeps us from experiencing our wholeness
  • How synchronicities do not necessarily have to be positive in order to help us grow
  • How The Night At the Museum movie illustrates how we can shift from self-protection to courage
  • How tapping into negative feelings is where true healing can take place
  • Why being tender with ourselves is a powerful tool to bring sweet benefits to our lives
  • How personal pain can become global and why we need to address the underlying emotions
  • Why Sky acknowledges his own white privilege status and how he is letting go of the filters that prevent him from seeing the history and pain of others
  • How synchronicities and meaningful coincidences can teach us something useful
  • How we limit ourselves to what feels safe to express
  • How we limit ourselves in what we are able to hear from other people 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 3/19/2021   Program Number: 3725

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