Psyche And Soul: Walking The Tranformational Path with Jacquelyn Small

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Once upon a time, a soul turned towards matter and fell in love with it. Burning with desire to experience bodily pleasures, she was no longer willing to tear herself away from it. And so our world was born. The soul is Psyche, and according to psychotherapist and author, Jacquelyn Small, she was the only goddess willing to become a human girl to travel through life in order to teach us that we are both human and divine. In this insightful dialogue, Small invites us to walk the two worlds of Psyche. On our mythic journey, we explore the four tasks Aphrodite gave to Psyche, and how they correspond to the first four initiations of life, twelve basic principles that can change the world, the human shadow, its sacred function, and what happens when two powerful shadows oppose each other. "We need to honor and recognize each other's shadows as being a part of who we are, while the psyche is trying to heal from all the wounds that it has taken on."


Jacquelyn Small is a pioneer of spiritual psychology who has been writing and teaching about recovery and personal growth for 25 years. She is the founder and director of Eupsychia Institute in Austin, Texas.

She is the author of:

  • Becoming A Practical Mystic (Hazelden 1995)
  • Psyche's Seeds: The 12 Sacred Principles of Soul Based Psychology (Tarcher/Putnam 2002)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How the twelve sacred principles can guide you on your psychospiritual journey
  • What the difference between soul and spirit
  • Why an open heart is the bridge to higher consciousness
  • How an unhealthy psyche creates a bogus spirituality
  • What would happen if America owned her shadow
Interview Date: 7/19/2002                     Program Number: 2954