Prayer: The Natural Motion Of The Soul with Celeste Yacoboni

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Prayer is our most universal and yet also individual way of communicating with the divine and connecting with the infinite dimensions of our being. We each have our own way of prayer and praise, of speaking to the sacred mystery. Some of us feel a very personal relationship with God and others feel God as a more universal energy not to be personified. Yacoboni has been on a spiritual search most of her life. She grew up Catholic and her spiritual search has gone through many incarnations. Yacoboni shares that Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi reminded her, “’Don’t throw those saints and guides and guardian angels out with that institution, with that religion you walked out of. They are part of you and they will always be there for you.’ It wasn’t long after it that I had a great challenge in my life and I found myself saying Hail Marys.” Allow yourself to be inspired by the various ways others practice prayer: prayer as deep listening, a creative state, even the freeing of a whale caught up in fishing lines. Hopefully our whole life is a prayer. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Celeste Yacoboni is an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer and is a spiritual coach.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What are some of the different ways of perceiving God
  • What are conversational prayers
  • What are some rituals people use in their prayer life
  • What does Michael Gelb, Ph.D. have to say about how he prays
  • How we can start our day off by dedicating it to a higher purpose
  • What are the ways we pray in our different life cycles: childhood, young adult, etc.
  • How Peter Russell, Ph.D., rather than praying for outward intervention, prays for intervention of his own mind
  • How the prayer of “What love says” works in our hearts
  • Matthew Fox, Ph.D. defines prayer as the capacity to listen and tells the story of freeing a whale from fishing lines
  • How Terry Tempest Williams uses the inspiration of birds and prairie dogs
  • How storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade prays
  • How we can use the Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono

Host: Justine Willis Toms      Interview Date: 8/27/2014     Program Number: 3519

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Album: A Wish
Artist: Hamza El Din
1999 Sounds True Music #STA M110D

Opening Essay: Track 01 Greetings
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