Peace Through Tourism with Louis D'Amore

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What has tourism got to do with peace? One might say, Peace, that's the government's job. Louis D'Amore believes otherwise. He is the founding president of the International Institute of Peace through Tourism. The Canadian government commissioned him to develop a code of ethics and guidelines for sustainable tourism that has become an international model. D'Amore says, "World leaders are now beginning to realize that if we want peace, we must prepare for peace. And if we are to prepare for peace, we must have, and share, a common, positive vision of peace." Listen to D'Amore's excitement as he speaks of the Global Summit on Peace through Tourism in Amman, Jordan, honoring the legacy of King Hussein, and of the "Coalition of Partners for World Peace through Tourism" with partners who are each committed to a "Millennium Project." (hosted by Michael Toms)


D'Amore is passionate about bridging the "have, have-not" regions of the world, healing the wounds of conflict and building an educational network for a culture of peace through tourism which applies to tour guides, travel agents, and both business and holiday travelers. "The tourism industry has the potential to become the world's first "Peace Industry"; an industry that recognizes, promotes and supports the belief that every traveler is potentially an Ambassador for Peace."

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Learn how to take your vacation and contribute to world peace
  • How you can support the travel services with your spirit, words and actions
  • Citizen diplomacy and you
  • Hear about "Peace Parks", Canada's commitment to world peace and a healthy environment
  • The Global Summit on Peace through Tourism in Amman, Jordan, a step toward peace
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 9/27/2000      Program Number: 2842