Peace Is Possible: The Work Of Eknath Easwaran with Michael Nagler, Ph.D.

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Michael Nagler talks about the work of Eknath Easwaran, founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation. Easwaran espouses the non-violent principles made famous by Gandhi, and speaks about the responsibility each of us has to bring peace to the world through our actions. This dialogue centers around living the meditative life in the midst of family and community, and many relevant insights emerge. There are several taped discourses of Easwaran played during this conversation. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Michael Nagler, Ph.D. is Professor emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature at UC, Berkeley, where he co-founded the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, and the founder of the Metta Center for Nonviolence. Dr. Nagler's courses on nonviolence, Introduction to Nonviolence and Nonviolence Today, have received worldwide attention and are available in their entirety from the Metta Center, as well as on UC Berkekely’s course webcast site and on YouTube.

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Host: Michael Toms            Interview Date: 9/12/1983         Program Number: 1809