Owning Our Dreams Is An Ultimate Long Game with Jonas Koffler

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It’s absurd that we’d prioritize owning the hottest new device, a cool car, or a trendy toy over owning a dream that makes us feel most alive and most engaged. Our dream may be waking up in the morning to do some kind of work that excites us, a calling we must do. Or, it might be having the ability to work remotely and choose the working hours that align with our natural schedule. It could be to publish a book or start a new endeavor in the field we’ve always been curious about. How might we rapidly accelerate our creativity and contributions to the world? Jonas Koffler says it is never too late to explore our innate talents and unearth hidden opportunities, and tells us that the first thing to do is to break free of self-inflicted friction that is fear-based, lacks courage, and has a sense that we’re not worthy. He says, "We lock ourselves into a narrow, learned blindness path, where we are renting our realities from someone else. It's the script that they give us: come to work every day, do these tasks, go home and repeat for the next 50 years and call it a life." He advises us to pay attention to the "arc of learning," to participate in the opportunity of community in what he calls "the collisions of conversations," and finally he has advice for the "project layer” of our endeavors. Be inspired to hustle your way to recharging your life and creativity with this Inspiring dialogue. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Jonas Koffler is a creative media consultant, producer, and writer. He advises internationally recognized thought leaders and creative artists, helps organizations innovate, develops strategy and intellectual property for start-ups and billion-dollar companies alike. 

Jonas Koffler is co-author with Neil Patel & and Patrick Vlaskovits of:

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The questions Koffler asked himself in order to find deeper and richer fulfillment in his life
  • What are the three levels of luck and how can we create our own luck
  • How to find a creative synthesis between two seemingly disparate things
  • How one has to follow up on synchronicities to sustain creative momentum
  • The second law of hustle is to look and listen for opportunity
  • Why you must notice and pause when your heart leaps up when something moves you
  • The updated definition of what it means to hustle is: a decisive movement from one point to another
  • What are the anchors of a good idea
  • What holds us back from acting on our dreams and inspirations
  • What is the Ten-minute rule ritual of pursuing our dream and being an architect of our time
  • How to “surface” your innate talents
  • How to use ESP (experiment, storytelling, persuasion) to become an entrepreneur of your dreams
  • How the experience of having a stroke forced Koffler to learn a new way of being
  • How to “surface“ your personal opportunity portfolio (POP)

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: November 18, 2016      Program Number: 3600

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