Mythological Stories For Children with Beatrice Bowles

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"The Rainbow Snake creates many spirit children." A wondrous exploration of mythology for children, including several children's stories from around the world. This is our way of celebrating the International Year of the Child, and you're invited. Recommended for all ages. (hosted by Phil Catalfo)


Beatrice Bowles (1943-2021) was a writer, storyteller, and Grammy Recording Academy member, delighting children and adults alike with myths and fairy tales in presentations at schools, botanical gardens, and museums, and in her recordings with original music by composer Sara Buchanan MacLean.

This recording features the voices of Beatrice Bowles, Luisah Teish, Sidney Walker, and Courtney Benoist. The original music was composed and performed by Cal Gravatt and Dan McMullen.

 Beatrice Bowles is the creator of the following audio programs:

  • The Girl Who Said NO!  (Beatrice Bowles, CD Baby 2015)
  • Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent (Beatrice Bowles, CD Baby 2014)
  • Spark Catchers (Beatrice Bowles, CD Baby 2008)
  • Heaven’s a Garden in the Heart (Beatrice Bowles, CD Baby 2002)

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Host: Phil Catalfo        Interview DateE: 12/16/79   Program Number: 1474