Microdosing Awe in Our Everyday Life with Jake Eagle, LPC and Michael Amster, M.D.

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Here we explore the emotion of awe and how we can receive its powerful benefits in our everyday life. Awe gives us a break from processing and judging unwanted events and gives us the capacity to see through them—to see a larger picture and we don’t have to travel to the Grand Canyon or overlook Niagara Falls in order to access it. It’s available to us in our everyday life and we can tap into it with something called the A.W.E. Method that only takes 5 to 15 seconds. This method has a cumulative effect; the more we do it, the more it changes the pathways in our brain synapses. Eagle says, “Awe is a lightning bolt of clarity that can happen very fast and can be transformative, resetting our nervous system.” Amster adds: “Learning how to have awe in the ordinary is opening up the field to be fully present with what is. Every time I dose on that I feel like there’s more awe to be found. It's peeling off layers.” This practice is powerful in cultivating a deeper sense of connection and well-being for ourselves and for the planet. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) 


Jake Eagle, LPC, is a psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor, fellow member trainer of the International Association of Neuro‑Linguistic Programming, and cofounder of Live Conscious. After thirty years in private practice, Jake now works part-time as a meta-therapist, working with people who want to go beyond the bounds of traditional therapy. Together, he and his wife, Hannah, lead life-changing small group retreats at awe-inspiring locations around the world.

 Michael Amster, M.D., is a physician and faculty member at Touro School of Medicine. With twenty years as a pain management specialist, he is currently the founding director of the pain management department at Santa Cruz Community Health. A practitioner of meditation for over thirty years, he is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. He splits his time between clinical work, research on awe, teaching mindfulness, and leading awe-inspiring retreats around the world. 

Jake Eagle & Michael Amster, M.D. are co-authors of: 

  • The Power of Awe: Overcome Burnout & Anxiety, Ease Chronic Pain, Find Clarity & Purpose―In Less Than 1 Minute Per Day (Hachette Books 2023)

 To learn more about the work of Eagle and Amster go to www.ThePowerofAwe.com

 Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • How did Amster and Eagle discover this micro dosing of mindfulness
  • What does the acronym A.W.E. Method stand for
  • What is a description of the A.W.E. Method and how does it work
  • How Eagle and Amster worked with Dacher Keltner to set up a research study on the power of the A.W.E. method
  • How the A.W.E. method can reduce depression without the side effects of anti-depressant medication
  • Our evolutionary superpower as human beings is our ability to connect to one another. It is the survival of the friendliest
  • How awe interrupts feelings of overwhelm
  • How awe can decrease inflammation in the body and change our physiology
  • They give an extraordinary example of a woman who was hit by a truck and while in extreme pain, waiting for the medics to arrive, she tapped into her ability to bring up awe
  • How the A.W.E. Method can be a shortcut to three levels of consciousness: safety, gratitude, spaciousness
  • How accessing the same revered memory or object over and over can increase it potency
  • How the more gently and with ease we come to our experience of awe the more powerful the practice becomes
  • How our ordinary lives can be orgasmic

 Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 3/3/2023   Program Number: 3784

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