Magic Words with Robert Bly

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We take our title from an Eskimo poem recited by Bly during this extraordinary dialogue with one of America's greatest contemporary poets. Bly brings us in touch with the deeper chords of consciousness residing in us all. 


Robert Bly (1926-2021), Poet, translator and teacher. Bly was the author of many books, including:

  • Light Around the Body (Harper & Row 1967)
  • Loving a Woman In Two Worlds (Dial 1985)
  • Man In the Black Coat Turns (Harper & Row 1982)
  • The Winged Energy of Delight: Selected Translations (Harper Perennial 2005)
  • My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy: Poems (Harper Perennial 2006)
  • Iron John (Addison-Wesley 1990)
  • The Sibling Society (Addison-Wesley 1996)

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Host: Michael Toms     Interview Date: 3/25/1982       Program number: 1678