Loving Relationship: The Road To Immortality with Leo Buscaglia

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The fulfillment and happiness possible through loving one another provides the theme for a stunning tour de force by Buscaglia, the roving apostle of love. He clearly and enthusiastically tells us how we can enjoy more loving relationships through open communication, letting go, forgiveness, sharing freely, intimacy and a whole lot more. This dialogue is a spirited antidote to the fashionable pessimism of contemporary times, which discards love as unrealistic idealism. (hosted by Michael Toms)


The late Leo Buscaglia (1924-1998) was a cheerleader for life. "Life is a banquet," he would say, quoting from the movie Auntie Mame, "and most poor fools are starving to death." He was most closely associated with the topic of love and human relationships, emphasizing the value of positive human touch, especially hugs. He was professor of Education at the University of Southern California.

His books include:

  • Loving Each Other: The Challenge of Human Relationships (Slack 1984)
  • Love (Slack 1972)

To learn more about the work of Leo Buscaglia go to www.buscaglia.com.

Host: Michael Toms             Interview Date: 10/23/1984             Program Number: 1910