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Many of us are finding that we are needing to adjust our way of life. Circumstances such as the downturn of the economy, or being downsized at work are causing many people great anxiety. Others are facing retirement, and find that their retirement fund may have lost a great deal of its value. How can we live a good life, as our finances lessen? How does one rebuild when they’ve had everything wiped out mentally, psychologically, and financially. John Robbins suggests, “You find where your strengths are. You find where your assets are. They may not be in your bank account anymore. There may be no asset value in your home, if there ever was. Your assets may not be financial, but you do have assets. Who are your friends? Where are your strengths? What are your gifts? What have you developed in yourself that enable you to give to others, to contribute and be of service? Your revenue will come from your ability to be of service.” Here we explore how to live a full life in a time when greed has run amok. (hosted by Michael Toms)


John Robbins is the author of the million-copy bestseller, Diet for a New America, which became a PBS series. He is the recipient of the Rachael Carson Award and the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, and is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Earth Save International.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How Robbins left the legacy of the Baskin-Robbins Ice cream empire
  • What are the trials and tribulations of living off the land
  • How the Madoff scandal affected John’s life
  • How can we lower our standard of living while raising our quality of life
  • Why knowing how you can be of service to others is important in rebuilding your life
  • What are some of the ways we can assess our money personalities and tendencies

Host: Michael Toms        Interview Date: 9/13/2010         Program Number: 3379