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Thomas Huebl describes two competencies that can improve the art of living. He says the first competency is silence so we may know ourselves more intimately. “[W]e allow within ourselves, more centeredness, more spacious awareness, and more seeing of our own inner-process: my thinking, my feeling, my body sensations. So If I’m more aware of this structure of my personality, I’m more free. If I can see my thinking, I’m not so stuck in my thinking.” The second competency is movement: voluntarily letting go of the old version of ourselves and moving with the ever changing flow of life. This leads to a highly innovation and creative life. Huebl also describes his work with creating a potential oriented society, educational systems and the personal and collective shadow. He also shares what it takes to truly communicate with another. (hosted by T. Glen Sebera)


Thomas Huebl is a spiritual teacher and workshop presenter who has dedicated his life to the task of exploring consciousness and supporting people worldwide in this exploration. He founded The Celebrate Life Festival and The Academy of Inner Science. He resides in Germany.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What are the two competencies that improve the art of living
  • Why we need to embrace change
  • What is a vision for the future of education
  • How can spaciousness help us deal with the stresses of our lives
  • How may we deal with destructive cycles and patterns that keep repeating themselves
  • How may we heal the collective shadow in societies
  • What is transparent communication

Host: T. Glen Sebera       Interview Date: 4/1/2012         Program Number: 3435

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Opening Essay: Track 01 Maenam
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