"Jumping" with Keith Jarrett

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Among music lovers everywhere, Keith Jarrett is known as an artist of rare gifts. Here he brings those gifts to a captivating discussion of his work, especially the ineffable art of improvisation--or, as we termed it here, "jumping" (as in "jumping off the deep edge"). Jarrett is equally expressive with words as he is with music, and whether or not you're familiar with his work, you'll find this an engrossing exploration of the art of living.


Keith Jarrett is an American jazz and classical music pianist and composer. Jarrett started his career with Art Blakey, moving on to play with Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. Since the early 1970s he has enjoyed a great deal of success as a group leader and a solo performer in jazz, jazz fusion, and classical music.

 Keith Jarrett’s albums include:

  • Part III: The Köhn Concert (1975)
  • I Fall in Love Too Easily (1985)
  • Country (1978)

 Host: Michael Toms and Phil Catalfo     Interview Date: 11/18/1983       Program number: 1828