Intuitive Thinking: Wisdom for the 21st Century with Harlan Cleveland

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Leadership is a quality in short supply during a time in history when we need it the most. Harlan Cleveland is knowledgeable on the subject, having himself worked closely under the leadership of several American political icons, including presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. He offers intriguing insights and visions about the Information Age, explaining why it is so unique from ages past. His eight attitudes of leadership are both provocative and profound. Would that there were more like Cleveland, with his expansive consciousness, unbridled optimism, soaring intellect and a belief that "crisis is normal, tension can be promising and complexity is fun."


Harland Cleveland (1918-2008) served as President of the World Academy of Art and Science, He wove together multiple careers, including the presidency of two universities, and was the recipient of twenty-two honorary degrees, the U.S. Medal of Freedom, Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson Award, and the Peace Corp’s Leader of Peace Award. 

He  also was the author of eleven books including:

  • The Knowledge Executive: Leadership in an Information Society
  • Birth of a New World

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The essential difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom
  • The eight attitudes of leadership indispensable to the management of complexity
  • How to live effectively with paradox and contradiction
  • How to manage complexity
  • The central characteristic of the effective leader
  • Clevelandís personal experiences with Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon
  • Why we are at a critical turning point in our own evolution
  • The role spiritual forces play in knowledge and wisdom
  • What makes the Information Age so unique
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 10/5/1997            Program Number: F506