Integral Philosophy And Evolution with Steve McIntosh

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Integral philosopher Steve McIntosh says the way to approach truth is threefold: science, philosophy, and spirituality. He says, “[W]e know that the scientific, the philosophical, and the spiritual are three authentic and irreducible approaches to truth because there are three kinds of human experience. There’s the sensory experience, upon which science is based. There’s the experience of relationships and meanings that we come to through philosophy, and then there’s the spiritual experience which can’t be reduced to either of those two. In an attempt to try to harmonize science and spirituality without trying to conflate one into the other, philosophy has a very important role of both bridging and separating these three great approaches to truth.” He goes on to point out that evolution always builds on what came before using it as a platform to transcend to a new level of complexity. We need to understand that every stage of human history has evolved to solve problems and that we need not be repulsed or embarrassed by the values of either traditionalism or modernism. If we completely eliminate or try to vanquish the best of the earlier stages of the very structure that we depend on our own cultural achievements will be undermined. He encourages us to reclaim the best of earlier values and to include them in a higher level. (hosted by Glen Sebera)


Steve McIntosh, J.D. is a leader in the integral philosophy movement He’s President and Co-Founder of the nonprofit, social policy and think tank organization: The Institute for Cultural Evolution. He founded the consumer products company Now & Zen and practiced law and held an executive position with Celestial Seasonings Tea Company. He is an honors graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and the University of Southern California Business School. Besides these accomplishments, he enjoys Olympic-class bicycle racing.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the purpose of evolution
  • What is the evolutionary impulse in humans
  • How does cultural evolution change and progress
  • How cultural progress makes the world a better place it also brings problems
  • What are the significant worldviews that have emerged in history and what is emerging now
  • What is the emerging post-modern worldview
  • What are the three legs of the stool in approaching truth: science, philosophy, and spirituality
  • What is the Institute for Cultural Evolution and what are its goals
  • Why do post-modernists need to be more inclusive of the worldviews of modernists

Host: Glen Sebera         Interview Date: 9/18/2012       Program Number: 3452

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