Improving Environment By Changing The World: Honoring the Heritage of Black Farmers on the Land

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Black farmers have been leaving the land at three and a-half times the rate of other farmers. It turns out that this loss of black farmers is due less to farming policies and practices than it is to generations of institutional racism. Civil Rights attorney J.L. Chestnut, in a brilliant and emotional speech, tells the story of the successful historic litigation against the USDA on behalf of these farmers. 


J.L. Chestnut, (1930-2008) was the first and only African-American lawyer in Selma, Alabama in 1958, was very active in the Civil Rights movement and, as a partner in Chestnut, Sanders, Sanders, Pettaway and Campbell, is now widely recognized as one of the leading civil rights attorneys in the country. Most recently he has been the leading legal figure in the successful historic litigation against the USDA on behalf of black farmers. 

Bioneers Series II: Improving Environment By Changing The World includes the following programs: 

  • BN201 Part 1: Re-Imagining Design: Becoming Tools of Nature
  • BN202 Part 2: Gaian Wonders of the Co-Evolutionary Dance
  • BN203 Part 3: Environmental Justice – Rising from the Flames
  • BN204 Part 4: Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
  • BN205 Part 5: Tree of Knowledge - Tree of Life: Towards an                            Agriculture of Relationships
  • BN206 Part 6: Rewilding The Earth: Nurturing The Web Of Life Lunch
  • BN207 Part 7: Globalization: The Environment and Living Toward                   the Local
  • BN208 Part 8: Knowledge From Intimacy: Revaluing The Feminine
  • BN209 Part 9: Honoring the Heritage of Black Farmers on the Land
  • BN210 Part 10First Nations and the Future of the Earth
  • BN211 Part 11: Global Green Plan and Urban Design
  • BN212 Part 12: The Age of Extinction and the Emerging                                     Environmental Health Movement
  • BN213 Part 13: Nature and Spirit: It's All Alive

The Bioneers series consists of three sets of 13 programs each:

Bioneers Series I The Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature
Bioneers Series II "Improving Environment By Changing The World
Bioneers Series III

Inspired by the philosophies of the Deep Ecology movement, the Bioneers are heroic examples of people living as if nature mattered. Join us as we look deeply into the magic and mystery of the convergence between leading-edge science and ancient wisdom for a Declaration of Interdependence for the new millennium. Though these programs were produced in the 1990s the contents of this series are timelessly relevant. 

HOST: Michael Toms     INTERVIEW DATE: 10/19/2000            PROGRAM NUMBER: BN209