Impermanence And Interconnectedness with Bodhipaksa

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How do we find a sense of oneness, stillness, and perfectness? On top of our raw experience we assign value to what we are perceiving, making up stories based on past experiences and habitual reactions that, over time, we build up. How can mindfulness allow us to by-pass the reactivity? How do we cultivate a sense of spaciousness? Bodhipaksa says of the 6-element practice, "This body sitting here right now is made up of the flesh of animals I ate back in the days when I ate animals, and plant matter from all over the world. It is continually returning to the outside world. The breath I exhaled just a few seconds ago is drifting away and will become trees and part of grapes in this area and soon someone will be drinking that as a glass of wine. That is me as well, except it is not really me anymore. This is an interesting process that is going on where we are observing this river that is 'kind-of us,' but it is also not us at the same time. We do this with all of the elements. . . we realize that there is nothing separate or static about us at all." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Bodhipaksa was born Graeme Stephen in Scotland and currently lives and teaches in New Hampshire. He is a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order since 1982 and has been a member of this order since 1993. Bodhipaksa runs the online meditation center, Wildmind, to increase awareness of the positive effects of meditation.

His published works include:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the Six Element Practice in Buddhism
  • What is it to visualize earth element within and without
  • What is it to visualize space as an element within and without
  • What happens when you pay attention to the breath
  • How can we break down our reactive habits
  • Why do we repress our own happiness
  • Why does fear make us cling to a false identity
  • Why is consciousness not a thing but an ever-changing flow
  • Why we should look carefully at the principal of reincarnation in Buddhist thought

Host: Michael Toms           Interview Date: 10/22/2010       Program Number: 3387

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