Igniting Your Soul Life with Gary Zukav

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"What it means to be a human being is changing in deep, irrevocable and highly significant ways. It's not a matter of looking at things differently than we have before, it's a matter of being able to look at things differently than we have before." Gary Zukav is excited about the future; a future exploding with possibility and potential. As we communicate more and more with the nonphysical world and comprehend the deep spiritual dynamics that underlie the surface appearances of our physical reality, we gain "authentic power." He explains how to get in touch with this power to become a "multi-sensory" person and gain access to data that your five senses cannot provide. Because if your life is "anything less than full excitement," it's time to renew your "sacred contact with the universe," and "do something that your heart smiles at the idea of." Find out how and "realize, as you feel the sun on your shoulders, that you are a soul walking on the Earth." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Zukav is the author of:

  • The Dancing Wu Li Masters (Bantam 1980)
  • The Seat of the Soul (Reissued Simon & Schuster 1999)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to live your passion once you find it
  • How spiritual growth begins and continues
  • How to develop your intuitive powers
  • The key to engaging nonphysical guidance
  • Why spiritual partnership is so exciting - and frightening
  • Techniques that help your personality become aligned with your soul
  • The difference between a five-sensory and a multi-sensory person
  • Surprising thoughts on "soul mates"
  • The most important thing to look at as we enter the new millennium
  • What may lie underneath intense anger
  • Why male-and-female partnerships are changing so radically
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 7/9/1999       Program Number: 2786