Hiking For Dreams To Come True with Jeff Alt

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How does taking a 218 mile hike in the wilderness help relieve depression and grief? Jeff Alt, author and motivational speaker, excels at combining outdoor adventures with worthy causes, having trekked the 2,160 mile Appalachia Trail as a fundraiser for people with disabilities and the 218 mile John Muir Trail as a depression awareness campaign. A "Trekker" since 19 years of age, with an invincible mind set, Alt turned his dream into a goal and pursued a momentous fundraising walk on behalf on his brother who has cerebral palsy, for the cerebral palsy facility. Alt didn't stop there - he has spent years persevering, overcoming adversity, and navigating the mountains and valleys of life. "There is a point in life where you can sit and stay where you're at or you can stand up and take those baby, painful steps and move forward." Check out this heartwarming, humbling, humorous, true-life adventure. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Jeff Alt is the author of:

  • A Walk for Sunshine: a 2,160 Mile Expedition for Charity on the Appalachian Trail (Dreams Shared Publications 2000)
  • A Hike for Mike: An Adventure Across the Sierra Nevada for Depression Awareness (Dreams Shared Publications 2005)

To find out more information about the work of Jeff Alt to to www.jeftalt.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How you can experience healing on a physical as well as emotional level while hiking?
  • When can you turn your dream into a goal?
  • What does an extreme honeymoon look like?
  • How walking is healing and it makes you the active participant
  • How untreated depression is like a silent illness no one talks about?
  • How can you turn grief into action?
  • What to do when you encounter lightening, thin air, and bears
Host: Justine Willis Toms      Interview Date: 4/19/2006      Program Number: 3149