Helping Yourself with Ram Dass

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In his inimitable and articulate style, Ram Dass talks about serving others, i.e., helping as a path of wholeness. A legend in his own time, he brings a wealth of direct experience as a psychologist, seeker and spiritual teacher together with a wonderful ability to reveal himself fully, serving as a mirror from which we can reflect our own journey. Attaining balance, facing the darkness, living fully, transforming pain and a whole lot more are covered by Ram Dass as he weaves a web of love and compassion for others. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Ram Dass is the author of:

  • Grist for the Mill (Bantam 1979)
  • Miracle of Love (Dutton 1979)
  • How Can I Help (coauthor) (Knopf 1985)

Host: Michael Toms             Interview Date: 12/11/1985          Program Number: 1971