Healing The Heart Of Diversity with Pat Harbour, Paul Schultz, Shirley Strong, Jimmy Carter, Martina Whelsula, Sally Huang-Nissen, Roosevelt Thomas, Louis Ervin & Amshatar Monroe

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In November 2000, New Dimensions, represented by Michael Toms, Justine Willis Toms, and Associate Producer Jeff Wessman, was invited to record, webcast, and participate in the Healing the Heart of Diversity (HHD) Alumni Retreat at the Airlie Center, in Warrenton Virginia. Healing the Heart of Diversity (HHD) is a professional leadership development program and change process that fosters a deeper understanding of diversity and encourages ways of living and working with the complexities and beauty of multi-cultural relationships. This retreat was an opportunity for friends and colleagues working with diversity issues to reconnect, share stories and partner with one another and support the larger vision of changing the culture through transforming belief systems. New Dimensions recorded the proceedings and interviewed several of the participants and presenters.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Diversity is more than race and gender
  • How to move past racism, sexism and other isms.
  • The importance of exploring unconscious beliefs and actions
  • Jimmy Carter's perspective on racial issues
  • Why it's important not to "take it personally".
  • The value of ancient traditional wisdom
  • Why dialogue is important in the workplace
  • How the corporate culture is changing through diversity work
  • Recognizing the importance of the sacred in business and organizational
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: November 2000       Program Number: 2854