Healing Sounds And Shifting Frequencies with Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman

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Have you always thought that tantra was only about sex and that you had to have a partner to do it? Jonathan and Andi Goldman will tell you otherwise. They describe Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and other concepts of tantra, and its relationship to sound, vibration, and enlightenment. Jonathan Goldman is an award-winning musician and tantric practitioner who concentrates on expanding all levels of consciousness, from exercises with breath, toning, seed sounds, and sacred vowels, to frequency and intention, all culminating in a balancing of chakras, exchanging energy with others, and experiencing healing and unity with the divine. The Goldmans teach that using our voices and other sounds in new ways can attract greater harmony and creativity within our lives and relationships. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Andi Goldman is a holistic psychotherapist.

She is co-author of:

  • Tantra Sound: How to Enhance Intimacy with Sound (Hampton Roads 2005)

Jonathan Goldman is director of the Sound Healers Association, has over twenty years experience in sound therapy. 

He is the author of:

  • Shifting Frequencies (Light Technology Publishing 1998) and Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics (Healing Arts Press 2002)

To learn more about the work of Andi and Jonathan Goldman go to www.healingsounds.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • When sound can be a healing modality in your life
  • How the formula "Frequency + Intent = Healing" can affect you continually
  • How focus and intention on breath, tone and sounds can lead to greater harmony and balance
  • How kinesiology can explain that positive vibrations lead to positive thoughts
  • When simply humming or toning something different can negate the negative noise you may be hearing
  • How the term tantra can mean the interconnecting web that unites all of reality.
Host: Justine Willis Toms      Interview Date: 10/16/2006      Program Number: 3176