Harry Hoxsey, Healer Before His Time with Kenny Ausubel

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Award winning author, investigative journalist, and filmmaker, Kenny Ausubel presents cutting edge data about an unsung hero: Harry Hoxsey. Hoxsey was an ex-coal miner who claimed a cure for cancer back in 1924, using herbal remedies inherited from his great grandfather. Despite federal courts upholding its therapeutic value, support from senators, judges, congressmen and doctors, and countless devoted patients, he was still labeled a "quack" and a "ghoul feasting on the bodies of the dead and dying." Find out how Hoxsey persevered, managing to become the first alternative healer to defeat the American Medical Association and begin the world's largest privately owned cancer center. His struggle is our struggle, because the power for dominance in the medical field continues today. Ausubel delves into the roots underlying the conflict between conventional and natural medicine, and offers ways to exercise your personal freedom of choice about your health decisions. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Ausubel is the author of:

  • When Healing Becomes a Crime (Healing Arts Press 2000)
  • Seeds of Change: The Living Treasure (HarperSanFrancisco 1994)
  • Restoring the Earth: Visionary Solutions from the Bioneers (Kramer 1997)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why and how your attitude affects your health
  • How to exercise your right to choose alternative therapies
  • Personal reasons why Ausubel began investigating cures for cancer
  • How the DA who hounded Hoxsey unsuccessfully for years came to be Hoxsey's own lawyer!
  • The two step process involved with the Hoxsey method
  • How Hoxsey managed to establish clinics in 17 states despite enormous odds
  • How ideology buries science
  • Why it's important to investigate alternatives to traditional medicine
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 5/9/2000      Program Number: 2818