Growing Into A Bigger Version Of God with Michelle Prosser

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Many of us grew up with a strong impression of God as being scary, angry, one who punishes, created hell, or one who asks us to give up our dreams. We are given images of a stern father, but not a nurturing Mother. Later in life many of us rejected the belief in God, only to replace it with an understanding of God as a creative force that got everything rolling; one who set up cosmic laws, but who is impersonal and has left us on our own. But who among us has not longed to hear God's voice, has not longed to talk with God as we once did, when we were children? Michael Prosser encourages us to establish a personal relationship with God, using the form with which we can most easily relate. "They say in near death experiences that often people will see the God of their religion, so a Native American might see their animal guide, people often see Jesus or Mary, people who are Hindu talk about seeing Shiva, so it makes sense that God would show up in a way, in a face, that we could recognize . . . God is God, of course we can’t define God . . . God is so big, so vast, so indescribable, so if it helps to make your own God form, your own God head, to have an archetype that speaks to you, and allows you to connect, do it. But do it in a way that honors yourself, and honors how incredibly precious you are in that relationship." (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Michelle Prosser holds an M.A. degree in communication studies, and is President of Energy Focus Coaching and Consulting. She works with organizations and individuals to reach goals and manifest a better life. Before becoming a coach, Prosser worked for twenty years in government and politics, including holding leadership positions for three Virginia governors and a congressman.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to tell if it is a voice of God you're hearing, or just something you've "made up"
  • How surrender means letting go of attachment to the outcome
  • What are the various ways in which to talk and listen to God
  • What is prayer, and what is the best kind of guidance to ask for
  • How guidance often comes in the form of metaphors
  • How you can dissolve resistance and avoid self-sabotage
  • What is the seduction of chaos

Host: Justine Willis Toms    Interview Date: 5/14/2008    Program Number: 3261  

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From Album: Celtic Ragas
Artist: Chinmaya Dunster and Vidroha Jamie
1998 New Earth Records NE 9802-2

Opening Essay: Track 01 Chance Meeting
Music Break 1: Track 02 The Mists of Ruantallain
Music Break 2: Track 05 Tara
Music Break 3: Track 09 Dorset