Getting Personal In Business with Lindsay Andreotti & Brian Hilgendorf

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In today's fast paced ever changing technologically impacted world, business has developed unparalleled expertise in becoming efficient and accountable. Up until now meeting the needs of investors and making a profit at all cost has been considered the hallmark of management excellence. The employee has been defined as one of the expendable commodities to be manipulated and managed. Lindsay Andreotti and Brain Hilgendorf were successful executives in this environment, and they noticed that business could be based on something more than compensatory relationships. Drawing upon timeless principles that define quality of life and intimacy in relationships, they have shaped them into practical business tools for executives, managers and employees who can use and share them to make their work personal, satisfying, and profitable for everyone. Andreotti recommends, "Give people a role description as opposed to a job description and let them flourish in being who they authentically are while creatively performing the tasks and achieving the results needed by the business." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Lindsay Andreotti and Brian Hilgendorf are the co-founders of Brilliance Enterprises, Inc. They both have founded companies and held leadership positions in both small and large organizations.

They are the co-authors of:

  • Sex, Intimacy And Business (Brilliance Press, 2006)

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What can you do to change your work experience
  • What is the major change overtaking the business world
  • How the expectations of the new generation are affecting business
  • How is intimacy defined in a work place context
  • What thirty-second practice can revolutionize business
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 10/31/2006      Program Number: 3182