Following The Life Of Alan Watts Through His Letters with Joan And Anne Watts

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Alan Watts was a British-born American philosopher, writer, speaker, and counterculture hero, best known as an interpreter of Asian philosophies for a Western audience. He wrote over 25 books and numerous articles applying the teachings of Eastern and Western religion and philosophy to our everyday lives. During the 1960s Watts became well known as a lecturer, writer, and radio and TV personality, both in philosophical and psychological venues and among the youth of the nation, who were disenchanted with the Vietnam War. He was a gifted speaker. He could stand at a podium without notes and deliver a lecture with such lucidity as to leave his audience spellbound. He died in late 1973. In this program we speak with his daughters, Joan and Anne Watts. 

Joan and Anne Watts are editors and curators of the book: 

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Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 1/29/2018       Program Number: C0433

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Alan Watts: An Original And Unfettered Philosopher with Joan and Anne Watts