Finding Your Inner Goddess with Carol Christ

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Growing numbers of people have begun to turn back to old ways of worshipping the divine in a feminine sense. Carol Christ provides a guide to understanding this new Goddess-spirituality movement. According to Christ, "the Goddess brings about a great metaphoric shift in the way we think about God," and the changes that Goddess-religion can offer are important to saving the planet and the human race. Christ delves into the study of the Goddess, defining her as "the intelligent embodied love that is the ground of all being." She stresses the importance of bringing the divine entity out of the heavens and back down to Earth. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Christ (1945-2021) was director of the Ariadne Institute for the Study of Myths and Ritual in Greece.

She is the author of:

  • Rebirth of the Goddess: Finding Meaning in Feminist Spirituality (Addison-Wesley 1997)

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How the Goddess can help us restore and heal the planet
  • The emergence of Goddess spirituality
  • Differences between popular and academic conceptions of the Goddess
  • Finding the divine feminine in yourself
  • How the Goddess brings the divine down to Earth
  • Celebrating the "Dark Goddess"
  • The significance of the cave
  • Letting go of objective thinking and learning embodied thinking
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 12/10/1997       Program Number: 2688