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Zen Honeycutt is a mother who educated herself about the current state of our world food supply, how it affects our dinner table and how it affects the health of everyone we love. She then shared what she learned with countless others. Through her research she became painfully aware of the chemicals in our food and the body products we use, their origin and their effects on the health of humans and animals. There is a wealth of research available by respected scientists, journalists, and experts who have been ferreting out examples regarding the manufacturing of glyphosates and Genetically Modified Organisms known as GMOs and the use of pesticides embedded in our food which are injurious to our health. This deep dialogue is dense with pertinent information that is critical to the overall health of all people and most especially children. She is a living example that together we can make a huge difference in the way people eat, their health, and the health of the planet. For example, Honeycutt tells us why they focus is on children because most people don’t understand that, “A child’s liver and kidneys, which detoxify toxins, aren’t fully developed until three years old or, even some people say, twelve years old. The immune system isn’t developed until then. So, they are especially impacted by these toxins . . [I]t’s very important that the foods that young children are eating are clean.” Honeycutt is a wealth of knowledge that has direct impact on those of us who buy and eat food. (that includes all of us) (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Zen Honeycutt is the mother of three boys and Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America, a national coalition of unstoppable moms. Their motto is “Empower Moms, Healthy Kids.”

 Zen Honeycutt is the author of:

 To learn more about the work of Zen Honeycutt go to www.momsacrossamerica.org.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue 

  • How Honeycutt began her research by being concerned about her boy’s health
  • What Honeycutt did when California Prop 37 failed was to put together 179 groups in 37 states to join 4th of July parades with informational banners about GMOs
  • What are the three types of GMOs
  • How farmers are now buying patented seeds every year from major corporations like DOW, DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta and ChemChina rather than creating their own seed banks
  • What is the patented BT, Bacillus thuringiensis toxin, that is in non-heirloom seeds
  • What is HT, herbicide tolerant seeds that can withstand herbicides such as Roundup being sprayed directly on the crop and only the weeds are affected
  • What is DT, desired trait seeds like potatoes that don’t show the bruising or browning
  • How Moms Across America are establishing a Gold Standard with a five-star rating system to give a more full picture of trusted information about our food supply
  • What is the criteria of the five-star ratings
  • How are Honeycutt’s boys doing these days and what were some of their maladies and illnesses that can be tested for PANDAS which stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections.
  • How even non-GMO labeled crops can be sprayed with glyphosate
  • How some behavioral diagnosis in children such as ADA, ADHD, PANDAS and autism may be food or Streptococcal related
  • How General Mills is beginning to take steps to shift to a method of buying from farmers who do not use toxic chemicals and require that their suppliers stop spraying glyphosate and other toxic chemicals as a drying agent
  • What is the Canadian organization “Keep It Clean Campaign” that is encouraging wheat growers to no longer use glyphosate as a drying agent
  • How Italy will not import any wheat products that have been sprayed with glyphosate or use it as a drying agent
  • What was the outcome of a law suit against Monsanto’s production of Roundup
  • How did Monsanto turn the production of Roundup to the German sister company, Bayer AG
  • How harmful chemicals have replaced labor
  • How organic farmers are at a disadvantage financially because they receive fewer tax breaks than big agriculture and have to pay out of pocket for their certifications
  • How Japan has a huge impact on the food supply because they own the largest grain distribution center in the world in New Orleans
  • What we can do to educate our political representatives on these issues
  • Why we must be selective of the food we buy
  • What is Honeycutt’s research on the “Impossible Burger”

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 9/12/2019   Program Number: 3692

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