Evolutionary Spirituality: Bridging The Spectrum of Belief with Connie Barlow & Michael Dowd

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Can evolutionary science and religious faith ultimately find common ground? And moreover, is it possible that evolution might not only be reconciled with religion, but in fact become the very foundation of a rich, new spiritual vision? For Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd, the answer is an unequivocal Yes. For the past four years Connie and Michael have been traveling continuously throughout the U.S. and Canada sharing their passion for what they call evolutionary spirituality, with religious and secular audiences across the spectrum of belief. Michael Dowd points out, "Understanding a new directionality to the flow of evolution as a whole is leading to an emergence of greater complexity, interdependence, cooperation on a larger and wider scale." In addition to being life partners and perpetual travelers, these evolutionary evangelists share a commitment to helping birth a hopeful new paradigm, in which science and spirit come together and give us the inspiration to transform the world. (hosted by Craig Hamilton)


A biologist by training, Connie Barlow is best known as a writer of popular science books. 

Her books include:

  • Evolution Extended (MIT Press 1995)
  • GreenSpace/Green Time: The Way of Science (Copernicus 1997)
  • The Ghosts of Evolution (Basic Books 2002)

Michael Dowd has been called "America's evolutionary evangelist."

He's the author of:

  • Thank God for Evolution! How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World (Council Oaks Books 2007)

To learn more about the work of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow go to www.thegreatstory.org.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is evolutionary spirituality?
  • Why evolution is more than just a bland world view.
  • Who are the grand celebrants of this grand epic of evolution?
  • How does this evolutionary understanding inform our moral choices that we face every day?
  • What is an amygdala and why do we still have it?
  • Where does the Creation Story fit in with evolution and religion?
Host: Craig Hamilton      Interview Date: 1/26/2006      Program Number: 3132