Ectopia Revisited with Ernest Callenbach

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The creator of the visionary "ecotopian" view of the world, made famous through his classic book, Ecotopia (Banyan Tree Books 1975) returns with a fresh vision of an energy-efficient, ecologically responsible future society spread across Northwest America. His novel, Ecotopia Emerging serves as the springboard for this searching conversation.


Ernest Callenbach (1929 – 2012) was an American author, film critic, editor, and simple living adherent. He became famous due to his internationally successful semi-utopian novel Ecotopia. 

Ernest Callenbach’s books include: 

  • Ecotopia (Banyan Tree Books 1975)
  • Ecotopia Emerging (Banyan Tree Books 1981)
  • Living Cheaply with Style: Live Better & Spend Less (Ronin Press 2000)
  • Ecology, Revised and Expanded: A Pocket Guide (University of California Press 2008) 

Host: Michael Toms     Interview Date: 5/2/1982       Program number: 1680