Discovering Your Greatest Opportunities with James B. Swartz

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James Swartz has studied seventy of the world's most successful people to learn why they became such great achievers. What choices did they make that put them at the forefront in their chosen fields? Are there patterns we can identify that will help us attain great success in our own lives? The answer is yes. But the strategies that worked for these luminaries may surprise you. In fact, Swartz discovered many common traits that you'll find encouraging. For example, you're never too old, dismal failure is often followed by extraordinary achievement, and taking time off might turn on your greatest inspiration. Best of all, achieving your greatest success may be easier than you expect. He explains, "Often people take every opportunity that comes along. They try to solve every problem that comes. You must not do that because it just occupies life and time. Choose those things that really make a difference. Find places where a small amount of effort will yield a lot for you." (hosted by Michael Toms)


James Swartz (1935-2018) holds a masters degree in physics, and worked for twenty-six years in product design and production engineering management. He is the founder of Cygnus Systems, Inc., a computer imaging design and manufacturing operation, and founder and chairman of Competitive Action. For the past twenty years he has been a consultant helping companies find and seize new marketing opportunities and improve engineering productivity.

He is the author of the business bestseller:

  • The Hunters and the Hunted (Productivity Press 1996)
  • Seeing David in the Stone: Find and Seize Great Opportunities Using 12 Actions Mastered by 70 Highly Successful Leaders (Leading Books Press 2006)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What four steps you can take to get on track for extraordinary success
  • How you can put yourself in your own "high opportunity zone"
  • What learning techniques you can use to become an expert in the field you love
  • Why taking a vacation might clear the way for your greatest inspiration
  • When it's wise to take a risk-and when it's not
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 1/3/2007      Program Number: 3187