Deep Ecology, Part 2: The Natural Wonder – An Ecocentric World View

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Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, Part 2: The Natural Wonder – An Ecocentric World View with Edward Abbey, John Seed, Dave Foreman, Cecilia Lanmann, Casey Walker, Reed Noss, Max Oelschlager, Connie Barlow, Bill Mollison and the late Paul Shepard

We live as if human needs and wants were the most important things in the world, but we must learn to care about all life on the planet if human and other species are even to survive. This message surfaces over and over as we listen to environmentalists and scientists tell us why and how to shift our priorities. “How are humans supposed to live in a way that integrates with the grandeur of the universe and the story of life on Earth?” asks Connie Barlow. “It’s a sense of value, of what’s right, of ultimacy—far beyond any self-interested concerns.” Hear about the larger picture—how the Earth breathes once a year, the amazing activities of trees and more. This program is a powerful sampling of information and issues from a panoply of scientists, activists and writers including the late Edward Abbey, John Seed, Dave Foreman, Cecilia Lanman, Casey Walker, Reed Noss, Max Oelschlager, the late Paul Shepard, Stephanie Mills, Connie Barlow and Bill Mollison. (hosted by Michael Toms)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The pitfalls of the concept of “stewardship”
  • Why domestication of animals was a disaster
  • What it means for humankind to grow up
  • The annual “breathing pattern” of the Earth
  • Fascinating facts about trees
  • The unusual and endangered marbled murrelet
  • Understanding the difference between parks and wilderness
  • What wildness really means
  • Bringing back the dinosaurs?
  • Calamitous upheavals in the history of Earth
  • Whether ants will inherit the Earth

Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 2/5/1998      Program Number: 2717

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