Deep Ecology, Part 1: Ecological State Of The World

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Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, Part 1: Ecological State Of The World with David Suzuki

Do you dare to hear the chilling truth about the ecological state of the world today—massive species extinction, overpopulation and the wasting of resources? It's easier to hear when it comes from someone as learned and concerned as David Suzuki. With scientific detail and political awareness, he points to major problems—but also to ways you can begin to effectively address them, and why it is so important to do this. "There are some things that maintain life on Earth that are beyond any kind of economic assessment," says Suzuki, "and surely those are the things that ought to be protected at all costs, because they are sacred." He reminds us what matters most in life, and how to live accordingly. (hosted by Michael Toms)


David Sukuzi is a geneticist, an environmental activist, and a Canadian science television journalist.

He is the author of many books including:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The real story about overpopulation
  • The threat of species extinction
  • The problem with economic growth and "thinking globally"
  • How Canadian cities are saving fuel, energy, money and jobs
  • The fallacy of modern economics, and real-cost accounting
  • How children and hospital patients react to animals
  • Rediscovering science's missing soul
  • The intimate interdependence expressed in your own breath
  • What elders are telling us about world changes
  • What matters most in life

Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 2/5/1998      Program Number: 2716

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