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Marc Allen claims he's not exceptionally intelligent, nor is he a Type A personality. He doesn't do Mondays and he doesn't do mornings. But he has succeeded in realizing his dreams with integrity and compassion, and in loving partnership with his employees, his clients and in his personal relationships. This author, publisher, musician and visionary points to his own experience as evidence that each of us has the ability to create the life we truly want, whether that means attaining financial success, emotional rewards, spiritual growth or all of these. As Marc explains, "Success doesn't depend on our education or even our experience or whether we have money or not. These things don't matter whatsoever." You'll be amazed to discover what does matter, and the simple steps you can take to make your dreams a reality. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Marc Allen is publisher of New World Library, the company he co-founded with Shakti Gawain. He is  well known for his music, and has composed several albums including Solo Flight, Breathe and Petals

He is the author of several books including: 

  • The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams (New World Library 2003)
  • Visionary Business: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success (New World Library 1997)
  • The Ten Percent Solution: Simple Steps to Improve our Lives and Our World (New World Library 2002)
  • A Visionary Life: Conversations on Personal and Planetary Evolution (New World Library 1998)
  • The Type-Z Guide to Success: A Lazy Person's Manifesto for Wealth and Fulfillment (New World Library 2006) 

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • The four simple steps you can begin today that will help you realize the life of your dreams
  • How you can examine your core beliefs to find the basis for your current circumstances
  • What success means for you
  • One powerful exercise that will help you manifest the things you want and overcome doubts and fears that stand in your way
  • How you can turn adversity to your advantage
  • How you can achieve success without being a workaholic
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 11/4/2003      Program Number: 3017